About Hopkins Local

Investing in Local Business

HopkinsLocal is a commitment by The Johns Hopkins University and Health System to leverage its role as the largest private anchor institution in Baltimore to create lasting economic opportunities in the city. With this initiative, Johns Hopkins will expand its outreach to local businesses and residents, including and minorities, when it builds, hires, and buys.

HopkinsLocal is a firm and measurable commitment to expand participation of local and minority-owned businesses in construction opportunities; increase the hiring of city residents, with a focus on neighbourhoods in need of job opportunities; and enhance economic growth, employment, and investment in Baltimore through purchasing activities. The initiative will also support ongoing efforts to build diversity in Johns Hopkins’ workforce and among our business partners.

With campuses across the city and more employees than any other private employer in Maryland, Johns Hopkins University and Health System can help make Baltimore a place where people are proud to live, work, and study.

In 2015, we launched the HopkinsLocal initiative to promote economic growth and employment opportunities in Baltimore.

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